Laser Mark-Making On Medical Stainless Steel

Medical stainless steel is used in the manufacture of medical equipment. It has specific properties that are crucial in the creation these finely tuned tools.

During construction of the equipment the tools must be marked. Serial numbers and identification symbols are often applied to distinguish the tools. These markings are essential for the user of the tool to tell them apart.

However Its important not to tamper with the construction of the steel when marking the equipment. So In order to create highly accurate, clean and precise marks on a medical implement, a laser etching machine is used to create the markings that will distinguish the tools.

The laser used by the etching machine indents the surface of the steel just enough to create a non-erosive image, but not so much as to alter its properties. Allowing for the necessary markings to be made, without imposing on high-grade traits of the stainless steel.