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The Benefits of Acrylic Picture Frames for Certificates

The traditional view of the classic picture frame is most commonly viewed by people as being either metal or wood frame based, with a glass cover to keep the picture or certificate in place. However, there are many alternatives to this, including specific acrylic certificate frames, to hold those valuable certificates and awards in place, without the risk of glass shattering. And there are many benefits of acrylic certificate frames which you may not have known.  Continue reading The Benefits of Acrylic Picture Frames for Certificates

A Brief History Of The Format Battle Between HD DVD and Blu-Ray

Rewind to the year 2006 and there was a format war running high. HD DVD and Blu-ray discs were competing between each other to become the favoured format for movie watching (and video game playing) consumers.

This was all going on because movie studios and electronics manufacturers were looking for a new format that would suit their ever more visually impressive movies. In the midst of this, consumers began rushing out to replace their old video hardware to experience these new and exciting formats. Continue reading A Brief History Of The Format Battle Between HD DVD and Blu-Ray

How To Fix A Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pens are used all the time, its likely you have one in arms reach right now. But they do have tendency to dry up if they are not used regularly.

To fix its tendency to dry up. there are a few solutions . Here are some of the methods you can use to loosen the ink in a ball point pen and get it going again.

Techniques To Fix A Ball-Point Pen:

Scribble on a piece of paper vigorously until the ink loosens inside. This is the easiest method, but doesn’t work all the time.

Try different surfaces while scribbling vigorously. A similar method as before. However using different surfaces can sometimes coax the ink out.

Heat the pen cartridges in hot water. The heat can loosen the ink inside, making it more malleable.

Microwave the pen. Microwaving the pen for 10 – 20 seconds is usually enough to get the ink flowing again.

Running a Business in Line With Technology Trends

A great way to ensure a level of quality within your business is to operate using the latest technology. Tablets, up-to-date computers and software can all assist your business in this aim.

It is important to keep in mind when using the latest technology, that technology changes. In the information age that we live in, our use of technology in business fluctuates  at a rate not seen throughout all of history.

This is important as if you build a business and operate it using the latest technology, that your business will need the latest technology to be successful, as that is the model that your business is structured around.

Technology brings a lot, but it is greatly affected by trends in our culture. Trends are not stable platforms to build on, but can be used as part of a stronger model that works constructively with other grounded elements of a business.

Apple iWatch Set For 2015 Release?

The long-awaited watch from Apple, is going to keep consumers waiting that little bit longer, as it’s rumoured the watch will be releasing in the first quarter of 2015.

It’s said that the factoring in the size of the iWatch and then the flexible AMOLED display, has meant Apple have had to make sure production is smooth. There are rumours that Apple will use a sapphire glass for the display – which is much tougher, which means the product will definitely be more difficult to produce.

Don’t think that Apple won’t unveil the actual product until 2015 though, we fully expect a grand unveiling before the end of the year.