Factors To Consider When Carrying Out Welding Inspections

When inspecting a weld, there are many different assessments to make for it to pass the quality and safety standards relevant to that construction. Two of these are the weld size and weld discontinuities.

Weld Size

The size of a weld is important to assess as this often relates directly to the weld’s strength and associated performance. Undersized welds are structurally unsuitable for the stresses of a completed construction. As such the weld size must be of adequate length and width in relation the final use of the construction.

Weld Discontinuities

Weld discontinuities are imperfections that can either be directly on the weld itself, or anywhere in close proximity. Like an inadequate weld size, these can also affect the intended performance of the construction.

When of unacceptable size or location, discontinuities are referred to as welding defects. Assessing and spotting any instances of this is critical during a welding inspection as it can cause direct premature weld failure.

A Brief History Of The Format Battle Between HD DVD and Blu-Ray

Rewind to the year 2006 and there was a format war running high. HD DVD and Blu-ray discs were competing between each other to become the favoured format for movie watching (and video game playing) consumers.

This was all going on because movie studios and electronics manufacturers were looking for a new format that would suit their ever more visually impressive movies. In the midst of this, consumers began rushing out to replace their old video hardware to experience these new and exciting formats.

But it was a war between the two, HD vs Blu-ray, only one could win and consumers were left on the sidelines trying to figure the whole thing out. Meanwhile, DVD players had become commodity items with little or no profit margin, and the bargain bin at local stores offered discs for under £7.

Fast forward 10 years and you will find quite literally dozens of Blu-ray Disc players on offer, starting well under £50. Ranging in all different shapes and sizes.

How To Acquire Real World Advice

Advice is a dime a dozen. Everyone has an idea on how to solve a problem. But is that idea real, world tested advice?

It’s simple, learn from those that have done it or something similar to it so that you can avoid the mistakes that they warn about. Being able to circumvent even small problems can save you from huge headaches in the future. But where and how can you get hold of this high caliber advice?

Real world advice comes from an experienced and tested source. Just how the source acquired their experience can sometimes be the topic of debate, so it’s up to you to judge and discern whether or not the source is reliable.

That’s the issue. Even getting the advice can sometimes require advice. But that’s where perseverance comes in. Stick to your guns and keep searching. This is one of the best ways to ensure that advice comes to you. Never stop seeking.


Managing Your Teams’ Business Development Skills

When training for business, its important to remember that its not only your own business skills that should be trained, but also the skills of your business teams. Sustaining sales growth over an extended period is not a task that one person can manage, no matter how trained their skills. Good management involves allocating the oversight of growth.

Business Development Skills you and your team can train

  • Opening conversations and presenting your value proposition.
  • Consulting and challenging to identity opportunities and build the need for your services.
  • Effective questioning , listening, relationship building and influencing skills.
  • Presenting compelling solutions.
  • Handling objections and gaining commitment.
  • Negotiating mutually beneficial conclusions.

Sometimes, business development is left to the staff members who have a natural ability in this role. But this doesn’t have to be the case, business development skills can be learned by anyone willing to invest the resources to do so.

How To Fix A Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pens are used all the time, its likely you have one in arms reach right now. But they do have tendency to dry up if they are not used regularly.

To fix its tendency to dry up. there are a few solutions . Here are some of the methods you can use to loosen the ink in a ball point pen and get it going again.

Techniques To Fix A Ball-Point Pen:

Scribble on a piece of paper vigorously until the ink loosens inside. This is the easiest method, but doesn’t work all the time.

Try different surfaces while scribbling vigorously. A similar method as before. However using different surfaces can sometimes coax the ink out.

Heat the pen cartridges in hot water. The heat can loosen the ink inside, making it more malleable.

Microwave the pen. Microwaving the pen for 10 – 20 seconds is usually enough to get the ink flowing again.

  • Laser Engraving

    Laser Engraving Machines can be a great tool to have around your workplace or school, performing tasks both more quickly and with greater precision than any previous technology.